On four Tuesdays in June, Wanderlust Projects will be hanging out with people whose ideas and work can further the practice of transgressive placemaking. Join us for discussions relevant to trespass theater, urban exploration, subversive big games, site-specific prankstering and culture jamming, graffiti and street art, unauthorized street events–you get the idea. Hope to see you there!

The Wanderlust School of Transgressive Placemaking
presented by Atlas Obscura at Acme Studios
63 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York
Tuesdays in June – Doors at 7:30, Talks at 8pm
$12 each – Advance Tickets Only (follow the links below to reserve your spot)

Bringing neglected spaces back to life and making the invisible visible has animated the work of archeologists and urban spelunkers, city planners and activists. In this four part discussion series, Wanderlust explores the logistics and ethics of how to re-imagine and re-make the far side of the “No Trespassing” sign.

Speakers include: Annetta Black, Annie Correal, Stephen Duncombe, Charlie Todd, Nick Fortugno, Mark Krawczuk, Myric Lehner, Jeff Stark, Wylie Stecklow, Patricia A. Wright

June 4 - Broken Legs, Surveillance Cameras and Black Mold: Safety & Security Off the Grid
on staying physically safe and mostly out of trouble

June 11 - Go Directly to Jail: Trespassing & the Law
on what kind of trouble you can get into and what to do about it

June 18 - Getting In Is the Easy Part: Site-Specific Experience Design
on creating unique experiences from the character of a place

June 25 - “For The Little Old Lady In Japan”: Documentation & Legacy
on capturing places and the experiences created in them for a broader audience