Over the past year, I have been writing up personal reflections each Sunday. Taken together, the 52 sets of answers to qualitative questions about my week maps out what I accomplished and how, effectively silencing the persistent little voice inside that says “You have’t done enough!” Reading through the weekly reflections reveals subtle shifts in my thinking and behavior over time. Here’s the summary:

Ida C. Benedetto


The Laundry List of What I Did in 2013

Wanderlust Projects (wanderlustprojects.com)

Antidote Games (playistheantidote.com)

Other Professional Endeavors

Misc. Personal

  • Fooled everyone with my bridesmaid costume at my sister’s wedding
  • Was treated to the best surprise birthday adventure ever (thank you N.D. & Laine)
  • Quit Facebook completely

1. (A Little Less) Overcommitment

This past year involved a serious reality check about commitments and what I could reasonably accomplish each week. The list you just scrolled through is me scaling back. Initially, the weekly reflections had me testing out hourly estimates of how long the things I committed to would take. My estimates were consistently low.  I shifted to a more intuitive process of keeping complete lists of my projects and shuffling them from active to inactive each week based on what I thought I could reasonably focus on. I had to trust my gut, and this worked far better than guessing hours.

2. Introspection FTW

Scheduling regular introspection time created huge shifts in my self-awareness, creativity, and engagement with unexpected challenges. The weekly reflections were just the tip of the iceberg for scheduled introspection. By the end of the year, I was meditating and journaling every morning, too.

3. Change Through Simple Methods and Support

All year, I told myself to make time to write and practice programming. It consistently didn’t happen. I did meet other personal goals, like steadfast budgeting, improved physical health, and better self-esteem. In the moment, it is easy to be hard on myself for not writing more and practicing programming consistently. Looking back at my weekly reviews though, it’s clear that the goals I did achieve happened because I had a simple methodology in place and support to follow through.

In the case of budgeting, the support was this great software called YNAB and the methodology was to enter each expense as it happened on my mobile phone. For improved physical health, I developed a dead simple cardio routine based on how exercise improves happiness and mental acuity. Once I knew what the exercise program should be, I got a membership at a gym with an expansive steam room and sauna to reward myself after each workout. Improved self-esteem came thanks to the support of an excellent therapist, occasional visits to a local zendo, and daily meditation. In each of these instances, it took a bit of research to get the right mix of methodology and support.  Once I got the right combination in place, change was pretty much on auto pilot.

For writing and programming, I have clear goals but no practical methodology or consistent support to ensure follow through. I used my weekly reviews to psych myself up to achieve those goals, but my pep talks were useless on their own.

The pattern was only evident upon reviewing a whole year of weekly reflections. It doesn’t matter how big my goals are.  Success comes with a method to get me started and the support to keep it up.

Everything I Was Grateful For Each Week

my team at Antidote · a beautiful home · my partner’s success · autonomy · living on the waterfront · world travel · dancing · creative challenges · the respect of my piers and collaborator · a supportive family · being my own boss · my amazing taste · cool opportunities that perfectly match my skills · more inspiration than I know what to do with · my sex appeal · health insurance · my therapist · an imminent vacation · learning from mistakes · the opportunity to work with people I respect · emotional openness from people close to me · romance · self discipline · friends with cars and cabins · EMDR · personal space · the self respect to turn down opportunities that are a bad fit · a loving and persistent mother · cuddly cats · paid trips abroad · friends in far away places · Skype · systems thinking · personal resolve · partners who challenge me and help me grow · negotiation skills · nascent leadership skills · mediation · the internet · good clients · massage · everything I learned doing my internships years ago with high caliber people · the zendo · torrenting websites · weirdoes for friends · new collaborators · risk taking

New People I Got to Collaborate and Explore With

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Old Connections Who Continue to Bring Awesomeness into My Life

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