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Photos by Alan Chin.

Calling all urban explorers, history buffs, and lovers of Greenpoint! Drift with us through the culture and history of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a tucked away neighborhood sculpted by its maritime and industrial past.

In collaboration with Atlas Obscura, I produced the New York launch event Field Trip Day Brooklyn. Six simultaneous events across the United States heralded the launch of a mobile app from Google's Niantic Labs. The app turns any neighborhood into a museum by pushing curated content to users when they happen upon a location of interest.

I programed happenings and hands on activities topical to the locations around Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Over 300 people braved the dreary autumn day to discover where colored pencils came from, get up close and personal with one of the most polluted waterways in the US, and take down your opponents in a dramatic restaging of a Civil War ironclad battle.

"Ida was a total professional in the midst of a fair bit of chaos. With a client like Google there are very high standards of execution involved and Ida helped us meet and exceed those standards. We couldn't have been more pleased. Thanks to Ida's calm under fire, creativity, and amazing work ethic Google not only loved the event we put on, but they asked us to do more!"
- Dylan Thuras, Co-Founder, Atlas Obscura