SYPartners helps leaders, teams, and organizations become the best versions of themselves so they can create massive positive impact in society. I work with teams to infuse play, creative risk taking, and emotional vulnerability into convenings of executives and global social impact leaders.

Projects I’ve contributed to include:

  • the national anti-bias training for Starbucks, with 130,000 people participating on the same day
  • a blindfold exercise that helped executives come to terms with their own problematic leadership behaviors
  • new standards for vulnerable conversations within a global 10,000-person organization, socialized through decks of cards
  • a custom curation of artifacts of great leadership throughout history that expanded the ambition of new VPs
  • a futuristic innovation challenge that shifted successful executives’ relationship to agility and disruption
  • facilitaiton of a skill building activity around authentic communication for the 300+ employees of a social impact organization with a 100-year mandate

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